Hat-trick for X-Wave™

X-Wave™ continues its march forward to become the control system of choice for Active Heave Compensation. With two more contract awards in the bag and one more on its way, the reference list just keeps on growing.

MJR is pleased to announce a contract award by Screaton & Associates (S&A) for the Telesto hook mounted subsea 5Te system.


Packed full of disruptive technology, portable and battery operated the system provides 5m stroke over 10 seconds, 1000m depth rating and 1 hour autonomous operation.

The second X-Wave™ system is to be supplied via S&A to a 50Te hydraulic deployment winch, scheduled for delivery in October 2017.

Finally a third X-Wave™ system will be delivered to a leading manufacturer of personnel access gangways with software testing scheduled to take place in the fourth quarter of 2017. This is the first gangway system for X-Wave™ and we’re confident it will be a resounding success. With further developments on the way, including our own low cost Motion Reference Unit (MRU), X-Wave™ continues to be refined into a very affordable, cost effective control system solution for offshore motion compensation.