Minesto chooses MJR for DG500 Grid Emulation “Micro Grid” System (MGS)

Against a tough field of international competition, MJR is pleased to announce the award of a prestigious turnkey contract by Sweden’s Minesto www.minesto.com for a significant element of their innovative Deep Green 500 Tidal Energy Project. Working in close partnership with our partners ABB, MJR will design and deliver a 500kW Floating Offshore Power Conversion System that will enable Minesto’s DG500 Tidal Energy Converter to deliver and dissipate generated energy at the offshore test site as if connected to an onshore grid.

The bespoke system is based on ABBs industry leading ACS880 drive hardware platform modules engineered into a unique system architecture that allows bi-directional low harmonic energy transfer, complete with an energy storage system for periods when the device is not generating.

MJR’s scope of supply includes: design and construction of a novel autonomous power conversion system to enable stable power injection from the subsea DG500 device via umbilical into a 500kW surface dummy load; power management system, 70kWh energy storage system, interface with spar buoy auxiliary systems, PLC and SCADA system.

With the MGS system design and build nearing completion, MJR is looking forward to the next exciting phase of the project that will include testing,  system installation and commissioning offshore.