Offshore Lifting Tool Monitoring and Telemetry Package starts its first project

With a demanding technical specification and short delivery time MJR has successfully delivered a bespoke and novel system for remote (deck) operation and monitoring of the status of an offshore heavy lift tool.

The lifting tool was designed to lock into the top of windfarm transition pieces (jackets) in order to lift them safely from the deck of a heavy lift vessel onto monopiles but has no means of personnel access during the locking and unlocking stages.

In order to enable remote operation and provide feedback of the locked and unlocked status, a battery powered actuator, sensor and transceiver package was designed by MJR and mounted to the lifting tool which communicates with a deck mounted control and indication operator panel.

A high integrity monitored RF link is provided that links the deck operator console to the tool and ensures long range, interference free communications.

Challenges included providing an RF link that would be sufficiently robust and reliable in the offshore environment where high levels of competing EMI/RFI emissions are present and providing low power operation to ensure adequate battery power between lifts. The system is now successfully in operation on its first windfarm construction project.

The success of the project further demonstrates MJRs skill and experience in delivering ‘right first time’ bespoke engineered solutions to the Marine, Offshore Oil & Gas and Renewables markets.