‘Buoyed’ by continued success

MJR has taken a further leap forward in becoming the ‘go to’ company in the UK renewables sector for design and construction of PowerBuoys, Offshore MicroGrid Systems and Power Take Off (PTO) Systems for testing of wave and tidal energy converters.

Recent deliveries have included the 0.5MW Minesto Micro Grid System and the Marine Power Systems WaveSub PowerBuoy, both of which are fully commissioned and successfully operating offshore.




These systems allow a local offshore autonomous simulated grid to be formed to enable the wave or tidal energy converter to generate energy during the offshore testing phase, without the need for a grid connection. Supported by battery energy storage, and wind/solar charging sources together with back up diesel generators the MJR MicroGrid solution is fully autonomous and remotely controlled from shore using sophisticated telemetry and remote control systems.

Our clean and accurate ‘right first time’ project execution approach, together with extensive testing and R&D reduces risks and costs for developers of renewable energy device. And with our extensive expertise in power conversion and marine electrical engineering in extremely harsh environments, MJR can be trusted to deliver in the toughest conditions.

For more information please contact:

Paul Cairns

+44(0)1642 536240