Automation System Refit – RoPax Ferry

Stena Lines ‘Stena Seatrader’ underwent a large life extension project in 2007/8 during which we designed, replaced, modified and overhauled most of the vessel’s essential electrical and automation systems.

The project included design, build, installation and comissioning of:

  • Machinery Monitoring & Alarm System.
  • Power Mangement System.
  • Propulsion Control System.
  • Generator Excitation Systems.
  • Generator Control Panels.

1239184161-03665200Other significant work included:

  • Main switchboard modification.
  • Main switchboard & switchgear overhaul & testing.
  • Switchgear replacement.
  • Generator replacement & installation.
  • Insulation testing.
  • Upgrade of both bowthrusters.

Consultancy work included:

  • Load balance.
  • Short circuit calculations.
  • Protection study.
  • Design document submission and liason with classification society.