LPG Carrier ‘Happy Lady’ – Installation of Replacement Generators

Due to continual reliability problems, age and availability of spares, the owner decided to replace all three of the vessels main diesel generators.

A refit period was not due and the vessel was committed to a long term charter, therefore in order to keep the vessel trading the re-engining programme was carried out with the vessel in service between Houston, U.S.A. and Cartagena, Columbia.

This project was logistically and operationally extremely challenging and invloved meticulous planning and was carried out under very difficult working conditions. Despite the not inconsiderable challenges, the project was a resounding success and achieved at a fraction of the cost of taking the vessel off hire.

1239033675-87136500The project involved:

  • Pre-installation survey.
  • Assisting the owner with specification and selection of suitable replacement machines.
  • Assisting the owner with pre-delivery acceptance and class witness testing of the replacement machines.
  • Disassembly of machines for transport.
  • Engineering design, preparation of drawings and class approval for integration of the replacement machines into the existing switchboard and control system.
  • Removal of existing machines, installation and in-situ re-assembly.
  • Cabling, wiring and modifications to existing power and control systems.
  • Modification of software in the existing ABB GENA 100 Power Management System.
  • Commissioning, testing and handover.